What is the Plan?

A new chapter in the 30 year history of Puerto Aventuras started July 12, through our agreement with the Developer.

Our community needs change. Better access at our entrada, improved security are simple goals. We face much tougher problems. Puerto needs a healing. We are a community divided by rumor and personal bias.
That can only be healed through communication and facts. So we plan to face it head on. We propose to hold regular meetings open to owners and residents. We plan to hold our first meeting August 17, at the Omni starting promptly at 10:00. We will introduce ourselves and present a detailed report on immediate goals and our accomplishments so far.
We will report on specific projects underway. We plan a report on our finances. The developer has provided us a report on their projects and plans for Puerto. They have provided us a report on other inancial facts that we will share with you at our meeting.
We plan to make the same arrangement with all propietarios that we have with the developer. A determined commitment to achieve our common success through a new cooperation built upon transparency and shared goals. We believe owners will agree.
No owner can make informed decisions without important facts. If we have transparency, then trust can be confirmed. Informed discussion can be held at regular open meetings and decisions taken. We will provide that.
We understand there may be questions. We want to provide answers. This will be a process. But, owners need what we offer for the same reasons as the developer. We believe you want progress and change, unity in our community as much as we do. That is why we acted in the first place.

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