About the Consejo

We believe in peace and progress. We formed as the Consejo in an effort to settle our community.

We agreed to work with the developer because we know we can achieve more together than divided. Puerto Aventuras is certainly a testament to the value of the partnership. We know we must act to earn owners trust. Our new partnership gives us the ability to do just that.

We believe that much of our division stems from the fact that owners need more information on important topics and issues. We believe we have to cure that as a start to any discussion. And so we commit to transparency.

We also believe we need a new way of doing business. We are certainly faced with increasing demands and costs. We believe owners need to have an active and informed voice in all matters.

These are challenges we all share. We believe in effective communication. We will maintain an active presence via this web site and in our community We believe the bedrock of our association is trust. We seek to build it.

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