Time to Act

by: Tony Schaefer

The Consejo is a group of owners committed to finding peace in Puerto.  Our task was to get answers to simple questions. Questions that define the reality of Puerto.

Who is the fedicomiso?  What is Roman’s role? What is colonos?  What is their role? What is the owners role?  We started with the premise that there existed a three party agreement.  Developer, Fedicomiso and Colonos. That meant to us that the municipio was in agreement with the sharing of control and costs between the Developer and Colonos.  So, we also asked what is the role of the Municipio.

We decided early on to accept all sides versions of the legal arguments.  That meant we had no clue as to the outcome of those proceedings. So, instead of legal resolution, we decided to start looking for a practical resolution.   We figured that the powers would finally end the question. Our role was then, to facilitate it.

We signed an agreement with the Developer to gain influence in decisions about the entrada and security.  Today, our efforts are bearing fruit. The improvements at the entrada and with passport stand as a testament to the value of cooperation with the developer.  They stand as a testament to the value of our work.

We have also had success with the Colonos mesa directiva.  Our goal was to get the mesa to commit to a clear course of action.  They finally have and chose municipalization. Yet, the question does not appear on their agenda for the AGM.  It is clear that the mesa needs the full support of the Municipio to achieve that goal. Yet, according to the mesa that support appears to have vanished. 

Our goal is peace in Puerto.  That goal requires the merger of Colonos and Covenant.  Toward that end, we have decided to offer our service to form the first Owner board of Covenant.  Once done, then the discussions about our affairs will be between Owners where they should be.

We urge attendance at both general assemblies.  We have been working for resolution for some time, seeking answers to the questions that divide us.  We believe these meetings will answer those questions and lead us to the resolution Puerto needs.

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