The Entrada Project, from Tony Shaefer

At our meeting with owners, we presented plans to improve the entrada and our security in concert with Covenant and the Developer.  We have been working with our community partners for the past many weeks on making these plans a reality. We are pleased to see the changes.

Starting November 1, Puerto will have 7 access lanes, with 3 lanes dedicated to owners and residents.  Traffic flow has been improved through a registration program for regular vendors, delivery trucks and employee buses and vans.  These changes will dramatically improve access and security control.

The key to utilizing these improvements is the passport card. 

Owners have approved the security manual. It mandates the use of a single verifiable and functional ID card. Passport is our only option and it is a good one.  It is the key to our security system and it works.

We have spent a lot of time and effort improving our entrada.  The Developer and Covenant have spent more time and effort and have supplied the funds for these improvements.  We are ready to deliver an improved entrada. Passport is the owners/users key. Passport is not a revenue stream.  Its purchase does not indicate support for Covenant or the Developer. It is a tool we need to make these improvements work for us all.

Our community faces challenges.  Our decision was not to solve them all but to tackle one.  We chose cooperation over division. I have worked with the Developer/Covenant team for many months.  Our meetings have not always been easy, but we have persevered to focus on our goal; improving the entrada and our security.  To us, our works and our team are a testament to our mission and our determination to achieve peace in Puerto Aventuras.

The entrada will be ready for the changes.  Security will be ready for the changes. Passport is ready for the changes and our team is ready for the changes.  Over half of owners use the passport card. Our task is to gain the support of the rest to achieve this community goal.

We continue to actively seek discussion with the Colonos mesa directiva.  So far, they have refused. They refuse to distribute our letters or notice of meetings to you.   They continue to argue they should have control of the caseta, yet they provide no plan for the operation or its funding.

We continue to work for unity.  Owners have important meetings coming. Both Covenant and Colonos will hold their AGM’s this year.  We have gained a unique perspective on our affairs that we need to share with you. We will use our web site (restricted access and comments only to owners and long term residents), public meetings as our forums for information, discussion and explanation ; and owners events.

We urge you to register on this Web site, discuss with us and attend our meetings

Tony Shaefer, Member of the Consejo.

2 Comments on “The Entrada Project, from Tony Shaefer

  1. We like having the passport as we can enter and exit automatically with the card. Will there be additional passport la es in the future? Ty

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    Yes of course, a Passport card can be issued for any owner or permanent resident living in Puerto Aventuras.
    You need to go to the office of Covenant, oposite to the Omni entrance, and they will explain you how to get it.
    And please let us know if you have any problem to get it.
    Thank you,

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