Post about our first meeting on Aug 19, 2019

The Consejo Ejecutivo de Propietarios de Puerto Aventuras held their first open meeting on Saturday, August 17.  It was attended by about 20 owners and lasted for just over an hour.

The Consejo introduced themselves to the owners and explained their signed agreement to serve as active advisors to Covenant.  They also explained the reasons for their action and involvement.

The Consejo explained that their first order of business is the reshaping of the entrada.  They explained the plans purpose is to improve traffic flow while improving access control and safety.  

Key elements of the plan include:

  • Dedication of two owner/resident lanes equipped with automatic controls
  • Two commercial lanes 
  • The establishment of a transitional lane for improved exit during peak times
  • A new pedestrian and bicycle access point

They also explained why they will be using the Colonos Security Manual as the basis for the security aspect.

  • It is the only manual approved by owners
  • It mandates the use of a single access card system
  • It sets a statement of standards for security
  • It is a good place to start

The Consejo also explained the importance of a single access card system to the plan and success of the security efforts.  They set forth a new plan for passport.

  • Passport will be available to all owners, long term residents, business owners and employees 
  • Owners can apply with their ownership documents, with a predial payment stub showing the catastral number or with a current colonos ID card.
  • All other ID requirements for passport remain in effect

The Consejo gave a brief report on finances.  The key points included:

  • Covenant is running a significant deficit that is currently being covered by the Developer.  
  • The greatest single line item of cost is the entrada and security.
  • The developer has agreed to fund the entrada and security improvement  project as a goodwill gesture.
  • More detailed report is coming on all these points at the next meeting

The Consejo also explained their plan to build community involvement.  The key points include:

  •  Regular open meetings with owners
  •  A website that will be used as a central repository for important information
  •  A commitment to full disclosure of information

The Consejo also discussed the role they see with Colonos.  They noted that the basis for their relationship with the Developer is trust built through open discussion and full disclosure.  They committed themselves to owners upon the same terms. They seek and open relationship with Colonos as well.

Owners can’t make informed decisions without information.  Colonos will agree to cooperate and share resources and information.  The Consejo is looking to design ways to improve service and cut costs. The Consejo need this information to distribute to owners.  Owners need it.

Owners also need a defined forum to meet and discuss all subjects about the future of Puerto Aventuras and the owner’s community. This needs to exist locally for physical attendees and by the internet for owners away.  

The Consejo committed itself to holding regular meetings, every two weeks.  They took questions and suggestions and promised to report back. The website is the Consejo office.  We asked owners to register and participate.

The Consejo requested owners cooperation toward achieving  these important community goals. They urged everyone to get a passport card and to attend the next meeting.

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