First Post of “Frequently Asked questions” – FAQ’s1 –

When the formation of the Council was made public, the first questions came. Here are the first answers :

What is going on?

A group of committed owners has organized as the Consejo Ejecutivo de Propietarios and has been accepted by the developer. They executed an agreement with Covenant AC and the developer to take over responsibilities for the actions and initiatives of Covenant. They will hold their first public meeting on August 17th at the Omni at 9:00 am.

What does this mean?

This means that owners will once again control the entrada, security and all other functions and decisions of Covenant. Owners will now have the opportunity to accomplish their goal of unifying the security of Puerto Aventuras.

Why was this necessary?

The developer is the only legal representative of Puerto Aventuras. The developer has the capacity and interest to do things owners cannot and has and continues to make major investments in our community in a variety of ways. The Consejo recognized that the developers support was critical to our communities success, and so, the Consejo chose to work for peace and cooperation through agreement with the developer.

This action was necessary because Puerto Aventuras, our community, our resort, our way of life needs change to survive and prosper. The owners acted because it needed to be done.

Owners need a way to address changing circumstances. If the developer and colonos cannot work together, then owners voices are not heard. Owners need a new venue for discussion, for governance, for planning and for making important decisions.

Owners and the developer pay all of the costs of Puerto. It was a natural alliance. One that made sense in the beginning and one that still makes sense today.

What will be the change in security and when will it happen?

The plan is to implement the Colonos Security Manual as the basis for our security. Puerto needs a common plan that has been accepted by owners as the basis for a new start. The manual is more stringent than current practice. It mandates a new form of ID and it sets rules and consequences for violation. But it is a good place to start.

Owners will be advised in advance on any change in protocol. But the changes will come. The current plan is to fully implement changes to access and security systems at the entrada on September 1.

What is the plan for passport?

The Consejo controls passport ID decisions. The Manual and security protocol demand a single ID system. The only system available and in wide use is passport. And it works.

The plan is to simplify the process for application and make it the ID of choice.

Who gives you authority?

We need no authority because we claim none. We are the Consejo, owners who decided to intervene to work and end a pointless fight. Owners who choose to act as advisors. We are not the Covenant board. We do not represent the Developer. We are owners who see the wasting of our funds and seek to end it. We are owners who see problems and choose to work for solutions.

In terms of operations, our agreement with the Developer and Covenant give us authority.

Has colonos, the mesa directiva been consulted or involved?

The mesa directiva has been aware of our existence for some time. Months ago, when we started negotiate with the developper, we have offered cooperation to them directly and were rejected.
Now that we have signed our agreement with Covenant, we are proposing Colonos to sign an agreement with us giving us access to their strategic, financial and operational information, so we can publish it to the owners.

Peace requires cooperation. We hope Colonos will accept our initiative and become transparent with us. The Developer and Covenant agree. We have solved most of the problem. We, a group of owners have reached agreement with the Developer to work together. Through that agreement we gain control of the entrada and security.

The Consejo will report to owners about the finances of Covenant, projects planned and cost. We will set forth a plan for improving our entrada and our security. We are asking Colonos for information on finances, on legal affairs.

Colonos’ board must decide what course of action they will take. In any case, as owners, this information is needed.

What is the plan for meetings? Will they be open?

The Consejo will hold regular meetings open to all. Comment and discussion will be welcome within reason on all topics. We will respect order. We will discuss finances, projects, initiatives. We will form committees and take reports. We will have a rolling agenda. We will conduct business and make decisions. Full disclosure. That is the plan.

We seek to create a new way of doing business.

Are these owners just puppets for the Developer? Does the Consejo have an interest in the outcome?

No, and yes. This group of owners are independent. They have done their diligence. They take on a huge responsibility as volunteers until there can be an election. They realize the stakes and act out of commitment and dedication to Puerto Aventuras and owners. They are leaders who have chosen to act.

Every member of the Consejo, like every owner and resident of Puerto Aventuras has an interest in the outcome. If Puerto succeeds then we all succeed. That is our interest. The success of Puerto Aventuras.

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