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A Message to Owners from the Consejo Ejecutivo de Propietarios de PA

We present ourselves as the voice of our community. We are a group of owners who formed as the Consejo Ejecutivo de Propietarios to accept the promises of the Developer and take over the coordination of our resort beginning with the priorities of the entrada, access control and security.
On July 12, an agreement was signed by which control of the decisions and initiatives of Covenant AC is assigned to the Consejo Ejecutivo de Propietarios. The transition to achieve control of the entrada and security and other goals is in progress.
We, as owners are aware of the needs claimed by the community. We pledge ourselves to serve those needs, making our resort a better community. We will accomplish this by working hand in hand, owners and the Developer as it was from the beginning.
We consider communication as one of our main goals. A well informed community has better means and reason to participate constructively in present plans and for our future.

El Consejo Ejecutivo de Propietarios de PA,

Tony Schaefer,
Jean Luc Nahon,
Adriana Carabias,
Mack Jones.

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